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Meet Gracie

Sweet Grandma Gracie can't wait to find her forever home

This adorable senior gal may be 12 years old but she is the total package and will make a great addition to just about any family. Gracie loves every person she meets and while she spends most of the day napping, she can have spurts of play and energy at times as well and loves to go on long walks. Gracie is completely housebroken, can be left out when you leave the house, and shares the bed very nicely. She currently lives with another dog and a cat in her foster home, whom she gets along with, however she tends to be a little picky about her furry friends, so introductions to other animals in the home before adopting her is a must. A home with no other animals may be the most ideal situation for Gracie. While you may only get a few more years with Gracie given her age, adopting a senior will be one of the best decisions you make. Gracie is so easy to fall in love with and the time you have with her will be the best for you and for her.

For a senior dog, Gracie is doing pretty well medically but her health will definitely need to be something her new home pays attention to. She has had multiple teeth pulled and needs to be on a soft food diet the rest of her life. Also, while in her foster home, it was discovered that Gracie suffers from allergies and is currently on an allergy medication and going on a food trial. It is currently undetermined if her allergies are seasonal, food related, or from something else. When her allergies flare up, they do become severe so she will need to be kept on a special diet and medication. She also has some arthritis and she gets around pretty well now, however, she may need joint supplements, pain management, and low impact exercise in the future. An established relationship with a vet is highly recommended when adopting Gracie (or any senior) in order make sure she remains comfortable and happy.

Gracie is currently in a foster home. If you are interested in adopting her, please complete an application and we will have her foster mom get in touch with you about setting up a time to meet her!

More About Gracie

  • Constant Companion
    Constant Companion
  • Crate Trained
    Crate Trained
  • Housebroken
  • No Cats
    No Cats
  • No Dogs
    No Dogs
  • Senior Favorite
    Senior Favorite


  • ID: 106111
  • Location: IN FOSTER
  • Age: 12.4 Years
  • Breed: Pit Bull (Mix)
  • Adult Size: Medium
  • Weight: 37.5 lbs
  • Sex: Female (Spayed)
  • Adoption Amount: $ 73

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Meeting Gracie?

Gracie is currently in one of our foster homes outside of the shelter. After registering for an account and/or logging into our online system to complete and submit an adoption application, please contact our Foster Coordinator after 24 hours and we will get in touch with you.

Sponsoring Gracie?

Visit our Friends of the Shelter website for more information.