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Meet Junior

Junior is quite a loving pup! He first cam to the shelter with some medical issues; he had a few injuries and a fracture of one leg bone. Thankfully, our vets were able to assess and treat him and give him the proper medical care he needed. Despite his rough start, Junior always has his tail wagging, ready to meet you! He's a social pup who will give you endless love and cuddles. He needs to meet any potential furry friends before adoption.

I'm a fun-loving, happy-all-the-time, glass-is-half-full kind of dog looking for someone who loves to laugh and play around. Must have a great sense of humor and a bunch of tennis balls.

More About Junior

  • OK with Dogs
    OK with Dogs
  • Party Animal
    Party Animal
  • Shelter Favorite
    Shelter Favorite


  • Kennel: 1127
  • ID: 109506
  • Location: REAL LIFE
  • Age: 2.8 Years
  • Breed: Large Mix Breed (Mix)
  • Adult Size: Large
  • Weight: 53.5 lbs
  • Sex: Male (Neutered)
  • Adoption Amount: $ 18

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